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The cafeteria isn’t just a place where kids eat, it’s also a learning environment where you can visually reinforce the lessons that you are teaching through your menus, activities, and events. Visual food education in the cafeteria can take on many forms—from posters depicting appropriate portion sizes to signs reminding students about salad bar etiquette.

Does educating while kids eat really work? Yes. Although the cafeteria can be a hectic setting where students are subject to limited time, long lines, and social distractions, atmosphere does go a long way in forming lasting, healthy connections with food. Here is a collection of visual resources for the cafeteria:

The Five Meal Components

This poster is designed to help students understand what they need to take in order to make a complete lunch.

I Made a Rainbow Sticker

Print sheets of these stickers (you can do online) and give to students as a reward for eating their full salad as part of a Rainbow Day activity.

Make a Rainbow at the Salad Bar Poster

This poster encourages students to "Make a rainbow" at the salad bar by highlighting some of the known health benefits of various colors of food.

"Lettuce + 5"

Place this tent sign on the top of the salad bar to encourage students to make colorful plates filled with fruits and vegetables. "Lettuce + 5" can be developed into a commonly used phrase to encourage kids to choose lettuce first and then add five other fruits or vegetables to their selection.

"Please Use Utensils, Not Your Hands"

Place this tent sign on top of the salad bar to support teaching students salad bar etiquette.

"Take What You Want, Eat What You Take"

Place this tent sign on top of the salad bar to remind students of proper portion control.

Salad Bar Ingredients List

Label each item on the salad bar so that kids can learn the names of the foods they are eating. Labels include both English and Spanish.

Salad Bar Menu Sign

Designed to be laminated and used with a dry erase marker. Let kids know what’s on the salad bar for that day by posting this menu so they can see it before entering the line.

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