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Recipes and menus are the heart of school food change. At The Lunch Box, it is our mission to offer recipes that school kitchens and kids have tested and are currently in use. This database, which includes hundreds of recipes, is compiled from recipes that have been developed and used in Boulder Valley School District’s five-year transformation from packaged to scratch-cooked foods. 

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The recipe module is powered by Horizon Software International’s K-12 software, which provides the Lunch Box a recipe interface that is easily recognizable to the K-12 user and ensures compliance with USDA regulations.

Menu Cycles

The breakfast and lunch cycles provided here are currently in use in Boulder Valley School District. They are offered along with downloadable USDA verification worksheets and nutritional analysis.

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We hope to hear from our users and look forward to adding your scratch recipes and successful menu cycles to The Lunch Box database so that we can share your expertise and expand our school food community. Please send us an email:

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